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Компания Yamakin в июне проведет ряд двух дневных семинаров и мастер классов Yuji Fujito (техни ..

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Представляем новый продукт - Спрей Антирефлекс (SCANSPRAY ANTI REFLEX) производства Feguramed (Герма ..

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Новинка!  Немецкий производитель Feguramed выпустил оригинальный цвет цокольного гипса COLORST ..

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Акрил Diamond D® Увеличивающийся спрос на идеальную функциональность и эстетику зубных протезов ..

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WhitePeaks (Германия)  зарекомендовала себя производителем очень качественной и востребованной ..

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Дентин Zeo Ce Light
Артикул: 100-0300
Модель: dentine
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Печь ProPress SP
Артикул: 92035
Модель: ProPress SP
Наличие: На складе
212250.00 грн.
Дентины Луна Винг
Артикул: 14
Модель: LW-dentin
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0.00 грн.
Фотополимерная лампа Noblesse
Артикул: MC14266
Наличие: На складе
15140.50 грн.
Набор Tecnoflask
Модель: TF-100
Наличие: На складе
6622.20 грн.

You have products, we have a market!

Looking for a reliable partner in Ukraine?
    You are lucky - here we are!

Who we are 
ANTAS is a highly professional and skilled sales team supplying Ukrainian market with the up-to-date dental materials, equipment and technologies more than 25 years. ANTAS is legal successor of INTEX company founded in 1993. Having been restructured company has changed its name, approach and marketing strategy thus implementing modern sales and promo technologies.  
Where we are 
Located in Kiev, capital of Ukraine and having established a net of sub-dealers all over Ukraine we have our products to be represented in every spot of a country, making them easily accessible directly for labs and clinics any time. Sub dealers are trained on a regular base in order to increase sales, as well as to improve service.

What we do 
Our proven track record shows the list of successful launches of hundreds of dental products and technologies in Ukraine. Our marketing strategy makes us being focused not on our own brand but on our partners' brands promotion. We make them popular, we generate sales and brand loyalty.

For the current moment ANTAS is proud to be an exclusive agent for:


  • Yamakin
  • Hatakeyama
  • Vaniman
  • Whip Mix
  • Feguramed
  • CADstar
  • DVA
  • BK-Medent
  • Biodinamica
  • TDV
  • Werther
  • Diagram
  • Keystone
  • Da Vinci
  • Primotec 
  • Ray Foster
  • Chung Song
  • Gramm
  • Erio
  • Sabilex
  • Dentamerica
  • EDG


The products from the following brands are also represented in our range:

 Whitepeaks Dental Solutions 
 Tissi Dental 


How we do it 
Amongst the advantages of Antas is the training facility we arranged in our office. This is a fully equipped training class which helps us to support and develop sales. 
ANTAS participates in all major dental exhibitions in Ukraine every year and advertises in modern Ukrainian dental magazines. We also issue annual catalogue with all brands we represent and this catalogue is distributed among biggest dental clinics and labs via direct mail and during dental shows for free .

We managed to establish a tight cooperation with major opinion leaders who are frequently involved in our advertising and promo activities.

Here at Antas we strongly believe that our market is very attractive for new products and technologies. Our extensive experience and market knowledge make Antas the best choice in Ukraine considering it as a distributing partner.

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